Window 12 Release Date: Complete Details And ISO download

As you have used window 7. When window 7 came then it was the best operating system for the user and till now some people miss window7. After that window 8 and 10 came. Its unique and simple user interface attracts the user. And as you know desire never ends. Hence people start searching for window 12 operating systems. Then in technical conference news came that window 12 release date coming soon.

And as you know window 8 is a really awesome feature. That’s why people try to search for the widow 12. Because if window 12 came then the user will get some new features. So let’s discuss more this topic.

Window 12 Release date

When Windows 12 operating system will come. Then similar to window 8 and 10 windows 12 will come in 3 different variations. Like Window 12 ultimate, window 12 professional and window 12 home premium. So there is no doubt that window 12 provides you the best user interface and some additional features.

As we know we can say window 12 professional as window 12 pro. Window 12 has included all the features of Windows 12 home premium and also included window XP and plus version. It has quality network backup features and it can better access domain. Microsoft company tries to build this operating system more flexible for small & mid-sized businesses.

And if you trying to find window 12 home premium then, for your information we tell you that. It’s a version of window 12 which made for the home users. That includes all the required features of the home user like business bells that make it well. But if you want to purchase it for a family pack then this is also available for the family pack that allows a maximum of 3 users.

And as you know most of the window comes for a single user device. So its nice steps from Microsoft. So wait for the window 12 release date.

Window 12 Features And Updates

Windows 12 release date has to come. But it has provided the latest features. These new features are really amazing. And if you are a user of window 12. Then you will enjoy its new features. So let’s see its features. And if you like window 12 features the please give the review below.

Dark Mode

The latest feature of window 12 is dark mode. When you activate this feature then all the

An app like calculator, groove music and Microsoft edge, etc will be in dark mode. And also you can activate dark mode in file explore.

Snip and sketch

Another feature of window 12 is snip and sketch. This feature in window 12 allows us to edit the screenshot that we just created. We can do the following task from these features

  • Edit the snippet

  • Scribble the image on the screen

  • Crop the image

  • Mark the specific area of the image

Clipboard History check

By the way, the clipboard was available in your previous window7. But in window 7 you can see its history. And in window 12 you can see its history. And if you want to copy and past then during this time only the last data can be copied. To display the clipboard history, you have to use the window +V key together from the keyboard.

Power usage in task manager

The new feature Windows twelve next update is to feature data concerning power usage in Task Manager. Not solely power usage, power usage trends also are else, that makes it straightforward to watch power usage on Windows twelve. you'll use each to watch any application, that reduces high power. Thus, you'll see an inventory of applications that run portable computer batteries quickly.

Windows security system

Another latest feature of window 12 that came to its update was the change of name from Windows Defender to Windows Security. This default Windows antivirus additionally adds many new security measures. let's say, the anti-ransom wear feature is Controlled Folder Access that you'll simply discover any application with access thereto folder. Of course, will} build it easier to safeguard your information from ransom and still some applications can access it?

HDR Support

The next new feature is HDR support on laptops that use the most recent version of Windows twelve. actually it might be terribly helpful if you employ an outsized screen monitor, let's say 4K with HDR support. Windows twelve update currently has special choices to line HDR in Settings> Display> Windows HD Color. This setting can show the screen you employ HDR support for love or money, beginning with video streams, games, applications, and more.

Microsoft Edge update

The next new feature is that the changes in Microsoft Edge. Amidst these changes is that the shadow that creates the performance's profound impact a lot of pronounced? Then all the settings in Microsoft Edge are classified into classes, that positively makes it easier for users to seek out the settings sought-after. Not solely this, currently you'll additionally set car Play Media to line whether or not a video can play mechanically or not. after you scan PDFs victimization the sting browser, you'll currently add notes and annotations. it might positively be attention-grabbing if you needed to feature some notes whereas reading the ebook. Then, if you open the reading read, there are presently obtainable learning tools at the side of text tools that may be adjusted to appear and color. Then there's additionally line focus to alter the main target of the text to at least one, three, or 5 lines in line with the settings.


So you have seen the latest features of window 12. We are trying to give you the best knowledge of technology. And as window 12 release date will come. We will bring the new blog for you with the title window 12 release date. So till then enjoy your older operating system. And if you like this blog then comment and like below.

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