What Is Social Bookmarking In SEO

Updated: Apr 13

The demand for digital marketing increased day by day because today, everyone uses online websites for their business. People build their business websites, but they unable to get traffic on their sites. And without traffic, your websites are just a dummy; you will not get popularity or click without traffic. We can increase traffic on our site by doing SEO, and SEO contains lots of processes to bring traffic on the website like social bookmarking, social bookmarking help us to spread awareness of our brand, website, and blog, So let's see what is social bookmarking in SEO.

What Is Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a technique of spreading your business. If you remember the 90's when any new restaurants or companies opened. Then they hung several significant holdings in popular places like red light and near cinema halls. And these holdings contained their business name and address etc. When people reached there and watched holdings, they came to know about your business.

Similarly, today when we start any business website or blog, we put our website or blog link along with full detail on popular social websites. Social websites people use to keep in touch with their friends, relatives, or others. That's why these types of sites are famous for getting awareness of our websites. So when we submit our link on social sites, there is a possibility of getting more traffic on sites.

We hope you will come to know what is social bookmarking. If you want to know how to do social bookmarking, then read this blog until the end.

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Benefits of Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is not only for getting traffic but also helps search engines to track your sites. Because when search engine crawlers crawl your sites, then crawl found that you have lots of clicks from the top-level domain social sites. So search engines keep you on the top of the ranking. So let's see the benefits of social bookmarking.

  • Social bookmarking helps your site to get instant indexing.

  • A higher-quality backlink for your sites.

  • Increase website traffic, search engines count social popularity; if your brand is famous on social sites, search engines like google keep you on top.

So we hope you have noticed one thing, we should use high domain authority social sites to bookmark our sites. We have listed the top 10 social bookmarking sites below.

Top 11 Bookmarking Sites

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Mix

  • Digg

  • Pinterest

  • Dribble

  • Reddit

  • Tumbler

  • Slashdot

  • Plurk

  • Pocket

How To Do Bookmarking In SEO

Social bookmarking helps us to increase our website traffic or clicks. If you want to know how to do social bookmarking in S.E.O. Then follow the below steps.

  • First, visit social sites like Facebook and Twitter

  • Create your account for using social websites.

  • login with your login credentials

  • search for submit your link; on Facebook, you can directly click on the Post button and write a description of your blog or business. Put the links of your site below the description, don't forget to use tags at the last of your post. If you want to know what is the tag, then comment below in the comment section.

  • Similarly, on twitter, click on the tweet and write about your business and put the link of your site or blog and click on publish.

  • Besides Facebook or Twitter, you can search on google several bookmarking sites, and everyone sits different U.I. So try to search the submit option and submit your link.


You can grow your website domain authority and traffic by doing social bookmarking. If you still doubt what social bookmarking in SEO is, then comment below to get a technical assistant. The professional team helps you to guide what is bookmarking and how to do it.