What Is Sitemap | Need, Creation & Installation of Sitemap in Website?

Stemaps can be abbreviated as the navigation path for any search engine. A list of web pages on your website is included. It can be designed by a web developer during website creation and after completion through different free sitemap generator tools for the worldwide web. So today you are going to know everything about sitemap.xml

What Is Sitemap

A sitemap is a file where you provide information about your site's pages, videos, and other files and the relationships between them. Search engines like Google read this file to crawl your site more wisely.

Why do you need a sitemap?

Sitemap help search engine to crawl under crawl budget. A crawl budget is a budget of time elapses that search engine bots get for crawling any website. So if your website contains lots of pages, and you want to crawl some important web pages first. Then search engine bots can not completely crawl your all webpages within the crawl budget.

How To Generate Site Map

The best practice to create a site map is first you should examine your website structure. Then make a diagram but remember according to the famous SEO website Search Engine Journal, your website navigation depth must not exceed more than 3 staps. For more brief see the below image.

After that, if you have programming knowledge, then you can do it manually by typing some code. This code contains 5 attributes.

  1. Urlsets

  2. Location

  3. Last Modified

  4. Change Frequency

  5. Priority

After writing in XML file format this code will look like as below image.

Can We Generate Sitemap Without Writing Any Code

Yes, You can create a site map for your website by using some free sitemap generator tools. Like https://www.xml-sitemaps.com/.

  • First, visit the XML sitemaps website.

sitemap generator

  • Now type your website URL into the given textbox and click on the start button. After clicking on the start button it will look like the below image. It will take some time to scan your website URLs.

sitemap creator tool
  • Then click on view sitemap detail. You can see all URLs of your website.

sitemap urls

  • Below the sitemap preview section, you will see the download XML file button click on it to download.

Download sitemap

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Final Step

After download your sitemap file, you can save it to your website root directory folder. And if your website is on the WordPress platform, you can download several tools for inserting a sitemap in your website. We hope you will get my instruction and resolve your biggest SEO mistake.

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