How To Resolve Quickbooks error 102

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Good accounting software should have the capability of your bank transaction sync. Hence Quickbooks bring the facility of an easy sync option between your bank and Quickbooks. But sometimes users face Quickbooks error 102 at the time of using financial institutions. Quickbooks error code 102 occurs due to wrong and out-dated bank account information. So if you want to resolve it then read this blog till the end.

Steps To Resolve Quickbooks Error 102

Quickbooks error code 102 can be resolve by updating your bank account, So let’s see how to do that in your Quickbooks.

Step 1

  • First, you must check your bank website, if your bank website is loading correctly. Then try to log in to your online banking. If you are not able to log in then contact your bank manager.

  • When you will successful login on the bank website, then open your Quickbooks software

  • Now sign in into Quickbooks online and go to banking sanction.

  • Select the transaction menu and click on the update.

Step 2 Quickbooks Self-employed User

Now if you are Quickbooks self-employed user then you must follow the below instruction.

  • Run Quickbooks self-employed and login via your unique login id.

  • Then go to the profile section and choose Bank Account

  • After that, you have to select refresh all

Step 3 Also, you can update it manually by following the below points

A few records require manual updates; if so, you will be advised in the association meeting. Most records should work with programmed refreshes. In the event that you don't see the present data, after a programmed update, you may need to refresh physically.

In numerous records, manual updates are required. On the off chance that this is the situation, you will be advised of this in the "association meet." Usually, most records begin working with "Programmed refreshes." However, in the event that you can't see the present information after there was a programmed update, you will require a manual update. Play out the accompanying strides for that:

  • Select "Banking" from the left menu

  • In the event that an update for just a few records is required, select to "clear undesirable"

  • Pick update now

On the off chance that there comes a brief Enter your "Multifaceted Authentication (MFA)" and snap keep on refreshing.

Manual update will be adequate for 90 days and any new posting inside that period will download. With these updates, regardless of whether you leave the days between refreshes, at that point additionally, you will get the refreshed information in your record.

Step 4 Check Account Information or notices

When you have entered/signed ineffectively, you can check the messages, notices, or admonitions that may have gotten from your bank. On perusing these, you will become acquainted with what is the issue causing QuickBooks blunder 102. Furthermore, you can without much of a stretch check your record outline, history, and exchanges.


So you have seen how to resolve Quickbooks error 102, if you will follow all the above steps then you will definitely fix this issue. But yet if you face any kind of Quickbook error then you can use the Quickbooks support phone number to resolve any Quickbooks errors.

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