What Is Quickbooks Data Corruption: Quickbooks file repair tools

QuickBooks software is designed to keep a record of your daily work of small businesses. When we create a new company file, QuickBooks saves it as a .qbw file. Typically, this .qbw file is called a company file. The company file contains all the information that the QB user saves in it. But sometimes the QuickBooks company is unable to open the file and throws unexpected errors. This error is caused by QuickBooks data corruption. Means is unable to open QuickBooks company files. So today we will talk about Quickbooks data corruption and we will also try to solve it.

What is Quickbooks Data Corruption

Quickbooks data corruption/ damage is a situation where Quickbooks is unable to open the company file. Usually when Quickbooks company file has crossed the size of the file 500 Mb. then Quickbooks encounter Quickbooks data damage errors. Like Quickbooks error 6150, QBWin.log, and 301.

However, Quickbooks provides unlimited data storage but Quickbooks throw errors after 500 MB file size exceeded. So let’s try to resolve the Quickbooks data corruption error manually.

Steps To Resolve Quickbooks Data Corruption Error

The QuickBooks company is important to keep safe until the end of the fiscal year. Because the company's file helps us reduce our taxes. In addition, the company's file should be fine in QuickBooks so that you can work easily and manage your business faster.

Step 1: Manually Diagnose Quickbooks Data corruption By Backup Your Company File

  • First, Open Quickbooks and click on File Menu

  • Then click on Utilities>>Rebuild data

  • You will see now a Rebuild Data popup window open in front of you

  • Click on Ok, now Quickbooks inform you to keep a backup file of your company file, click the OK button

  • Again you will see a popup window where you have to select the location to save the company backup file by clicking on the Settings button.

  • Now click Next and enter the specific name click on Save.

  • Wait for backup of your company file., it can take a long time according to file size

  • When the backup process finished restarting your PC

  • After taking backup of your company file, you have to follow the below steps to manually repair the company file.

  • Firs open Quickbooks and click on File Menu

  • Then click on Utilities>> Verify Data (Varifiy data option used for identifying which types of error file contains)

  • Then click on Rebuild Data from Utility ( This function collects all the company file data and arrange in correct order ).

  • Now again run Varify data, if it will run successfully.

  • And try to open the company file again, if you still face QuickBooks data corruption issues. Or you are unable to click on the utility function. Then you have to follow the next steps.

Step 2: Use Quickbooks File Repair Tools

When you cannot open a company file in QuickBooks, it means that your company file is corrupted and a file repair tool is required. Because this is the only step to fix the issue of QuickBooks data corruption. You can find a lot of QuickBooks file repair tools on the Internet. But we have brought for you the top file repair tools.

1 Use Quickbooks File Doctor

The Quickbooks File Doctor tool is provided by Intuit Quickbooks. And we do not have to pay anything to use this tool. So to repair the Quickbooks Company file, download the Quickbooks Tool Hub. Because the QuickBooks File Doctor tool exists inside the QuickBooks Tool Hub.

  • First, download and install the Quickbooks tool hub

  • Open Quickbooks tool hub and click on the Company file issue tab

  • Now you can see Quickbooks file doctor, click to run this tool.

  • Choose your company file with the help of the Browse button

  • After selecting a company file click on Diagnose Button

  • if you have a protected company file earlier then It can ask the company login id and password. Enter the password and click OK

  • Wait for some time, it can take some time to complete the diagnosing process

  • Now it can ask the Question “Do you access your company file from another computer on the network system” then click on Yes and Next

  • Again you will see a popup window if you see any error message.

  • Then select “Open the file in the newer version of Quickbooks” radio button and click on Next

  • It can take some time to resolve the error,

  • So you have seen how we can repair QuickBooks file through QuickBooks File Doctor. But if you still face the issue of QuickBooks company data corruption. You can then purchase some third part QuickBooks File Repair Tools, which we have described below.

2 Stellar Quickbooks data corruption repair tool

Stellar is a private software company that builds a stellar file repair tool for QB. As Quickbooks file doctor repair company file issue. Similarly stellar used for repair company files. It has a powerful tool to repair components of company files like vendor, employee, and customer. You can download Stellar for a month free trial version. After that, you have to pay a yearly subscription plan.

Price: $223.7

3 Use Online office recovery tool

Online office recovery tool, this tool is totally free and used for repair Quickbooks data corruption. So let’s see steps to repair Quickbooks data corruption.

  • Go to the official Online office recovery page

  • From the left-hand side, you can see Data Recovery Tab click on it

  • Then choose company file by Choose button

  • And click on the Secure upload and Repair button

  • Wait for repair process completion

  • After the finishing process tries to open the company file in Quickbooks you can see it can open.


Quickbooks data corruption can occur for various reasons. Like if you have too many viruses in your system. Then system viruses can damage your company's files. And sometimes QuickBooks data loss causes Internet connectivity to slow down. So if you want to keep away from the QuickBooks data damage issue. Then always use a high-speed Internet connection and use antivirus in your system to clean the virus.

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