Kisaan Hinsa In Delhi (26 January)

Today farmer protest is diverted into violence in Delhi, you can watch in This video

The performance of farmers (Kisan Protest News) about the new agricultural laws is now becoming fierce. Farmers of the Pilibhit district of Uttar Pradesh were heading towards Delhi on Tuesday. Similarly, the SP of Rampur and the SSP of Moradabad came face to face between the farmers. The farmers started an uproar at Zero Point close to the Kosi River. Subsequently, the police force there controlled the situation after much effort. The PRO of Rampur SP has also confirmed the news of the uproar.

According to the information, Moradabad SSP Prabhakar Chaudhary was injured in the farmers' attack. Not only this, but Rampur SP Shagun Gautam was also attacked by angry farmers. It was told that the police were preventing these farmers from moving forward. Similarly, the farmers started the uproar.

Narendra Singh Tomar said…

Meanwhile, leaders of the Indian Farmers Union and Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar met at the Krishi Bhavan. Narendra Singh Tomar said, 'Some farmers leaders of UP met me today to give their support to the agricultural laws. He says that there should be no amendment of the three laws. Narendra Singh Tomar said, 'I hope his idea will be fulfilled soon. They will discuss and we will find a solution. '

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